The settings section in the navigation menu are meant to be used for the global setting for the whole application. The list can include such items as user settings, selection of units, etc.


The settings menu is present on all applications and offers a consistent way of adjusting the global settings. It consists of the settings page, back button, page dedication text, and exit button.

Settings home screen

The home screen have the following components: 1 Heading and bread crumb. 2 Close button to get back to the last applicaiton view. 3 Rich buttons. 4. Search bar.

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Opening settings page

The settings page can be accessed by pressing the hamburger button. The navigation menu will then appear. To access the settings page, press on the settings link in the menu footer (1).

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Access sub pages

Press the rich navigation button (1) to navigate to sub pages.

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Content page

1 To navigate to the home page, click the back button. 2 To go back to the previous page, click the back arrow. 3. Click a page name in the breadcrumb to jump directly back to the related page. 4. The settings view with controls and data are displayed on the right side of the screen.

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Interface scaling

On smaller screens we suggest the navigation menu in the sub pages can fill the entire screen.

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