Design system

OpenBridge Design System

OpenBridge Design System offers a collection of tools and approaches to improve implementation, design and approval of maritime workplaces and equipment. OpenBridge Design Guideline is a prominent part of OpenBridge Design System that explains how to design OpenBridge user interfaces.

It is a free resource built on modern principles of user interface and workplace design, adapted to maritime context and regulations.

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Open Source

OpenBridge is built on ongoing research from multiple academic partners. The project welcomes research collaborations focusing on workplace design, guidelines or other work that can contribute to the OpenBridge Design System. The project is an excellent opportunity to engage with a broad consortium of industry actors focusing on improving maritime design. If you have research that can be linked to OpenBridge, feel free to contact us.

Following is a list of publications done in conjunction with the project. Read more about our research at out Medium site and on Research Gate, and see our latest activity on LinkedIn.

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