The visual look of the user interface is called palette. Typography, colors and styles are the palette building blocks. They are controlled by the OpenBridge palettes; bright, day, dusk and night.

OpenBridge Palettes

The OpenBridge palettes are made to have sufficient contrast in different light conditions.

You can find the complete palettes with detailed definitions of typography, colors and styles in the four Figma palette files.

Day HC 5.0Day 5.0Dusk 5.0Night 5.0

Palette building blocks

The OpenBridge palettes; bright, day, dusk and night are made up of three parallel concepts: typography, colors and styles. This breaks with the common practice in maritime UX design where a palette are describing colors alone. OpenBridge approach to palettes allow us to alter style and font in addition to color in order to make sure a palette has optimal contrast and readability.