OpenBridge is built on ongoing research from multiple academic partners. Following is a list of publications done in conjunction with the project.


Ocean Industries Concept Lab does have a Medium page, regularly updated with articles and updates from ongoing research done in the lab.

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Articles & Reports

List of publications done in conjunction with the project.

Journal and conference articles

Mallam,S.C., Nordby, K., Johnsen, S. O. & Bjørneseth, F. B. (2020). The Digitalization of Navigation: Examining the Accident and Aftermath of US Navy Destroyer John S. McCain. In Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Damaged Ships V, March 11th, 2019,London, United Kingdom.

Nordby, K., Mallam,S., & Lutshoft, M. (2019)
. Open user interface architecture for digital multi vendorship bridge systems. Journal of Maritime Affairs

Nordby, K., Gernez, E., Mallam, S., (2019). OpenBridge: Designing for Consistency Across User Interfaces in Multi-Vendor Ship Bridges. Presented at the Ergoship2019, Haugesund, Norway.

Nordby,K., & Morrison, A. (2016). Designing calm technology and peripheral interaction for offshore service vessels. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 1–13.

Frydenberg,Synne; Nordby, Kjetil; Eikenes, Jon Olav. Exploring designs of augmented reality for bridges in arctic waters. Human Factors, London, UK. 10/2018

Nordby,Kjetil; Frydenberg, Synne Geirsdatter; Fauske, Jon. Demonstrating a maritime design system for realising consistent design of multi-vendor ship’s bridges. I: The Royal Institution of Naval Architects Human Factors Papers 2018. Royal Institution of Naval Architects 2018 ISBN 9781909024809. s.39-47

Nordby,Kjetil; Lurås, Sigrun. Multimodal interaction for marine workplaces used as strategy to limit effect of situational impairment in demanding maritime operations. I: Marine Design 2015. 2-3 September 2015, London. London: The Royal Institution of Naval Architects 2015 ISBN 978-1-909024-42-7. s.73-77


Mallam, Steven; Nordby, Kjetil. Assessment of Current Maritime Bridge Design Regulations and Guidance. Oslo: Arkitektur og Designhøgskolen i Oslo, 2018

Popular media

Harmonising maritime workplace design through collaboration, new technologies and open innovation. The Naval Architect: International Journal of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. March 2019 Issue, p.p. 22-24