Next generation maritime workplaces

Current bridges on ships are often made up of a large number of systems delivered by multiple suppliers.This has led to cluttered workplaces resulting in human error, inefficient operation and an increased need for training. The lack of standardized integration frameworks also lead to high development costs and low innovation speed, since suppliers must develop and maintain many system variations aimed at individual suppliers or ship vendors.

OpenBridge will solve these problems by creating a maritime design system adapted to maritime use situations, modern design principles, new implementation strategies and regulations. Since current challenges in maritime workplaces span both design and technical implementation, OpenBridge will support both user interface design and technology integration.

OpenBridge is developed to support all maritime workplaces on ships and also land-based workplaces for maritime operations. 

Our goal is to realize:

  1. Safe and efficient workplaces with consistent design across all systems regardless of supplier
  2. Efficient technical integration that will allow maritime systems to be installed on all OpenBridge compatible ships bridge systems
  3. A component-based approval system that works within current regulations